Dundee Falls

Dundee falls is located less than 10 minutes away from Grapevine House Bed and Breakfast. If you want to spend an afternoon hiking, Dundee Falls is a great destination for you. The trail is just over 2 miles for an easy out and back trail. Dundee Falls sits on the west side of the Beach City Wilderness area.

The hike goes through the Ohio forest and ends with a 15-foot high waterfall known as Dundee falls. It is very scenic as the water creates a grotto area that makes it easily viewable to hikers. There is only a 196-foot elevation gain over the extent of the trail. This waterfall is flowing year-round so you can view it in the hot summer and even snowshoe the trail in the winter to view the frozen falls. This hike is also known for fishing, bird watching, trail running, and stunning views.

Rated as one of the top 12 waterfalls in Ohio (see article ), this great for nature lovers and photographers alike. Below you will see a map so you don't have any trouble getting there. Dogs are also available to use this trail when kept on a leash.  

Rebecca Holstein
Google Reviews

Pretty easy hike to a gorgeous waterfall. Not many people on the trail or at the fall when we visited on a Sunday late morning. There seemed to be many offshoots of the trail that all end up leading to the same place. And at some point you can hear the water and follow the sound.

Emily Kimball
Google Reviews

I love to come to Dundee falls. The parking lot is small. Depending on the day and time, there may not be a place to park. Once inside it is a short walk to the creek and water fall. We love to bring our dog here. He can play in the water and the hiking trails are shaded for nice long walks.